The Good Qualitative Researcher

For my recent completion of the Certified Listening Professional (CLP) certificate program (through the International Listening Association), I wrote a paper called Listening: The Essence of Qualitative Interviewing. I chose the topic because listening, as I see it, should be a core competency of every qualitative interviewer. Though there is relatively little written about the essentialness of listening skill to …

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Recruiting Community Focus Group Participants

When big companies like Sony want to conduct a focus group for a new product, they rely on market research firms. These firms have developed large pools of individuals that are segmented by popular demographics (Baby Boomers, parents, professionals, etc.). Whether the topic is big screen TV’s or hair loss products, they likely have a list of potential focus group …

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Paraphrasing in Qualitative Interviews

Some people assume that qualitative interviewing is an easy job that almost anyone can do. But that’s not quite true. Conducting and interpreting qualitative interviews would be easy if our interviewees always provided well-thought-through ideas, and explained those ideas using clear, simple language. But with many people, we have to help them help us understand them. In other words, the …

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Cross-Cultural Qualitative Interviewing

In the ideal world, the primary language and culture of the qualitative interviewer matches that of the interviewee. But, as the diversity of our population increases, the likelihood that a white American qualitative researcher like myself will be called upon to interview a person from a non-Western culture, increases exponentially. It’s happened to me several times: a client asks me …

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