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Delphi Technique

“Truly effective listening cannot be forced or faked; it arises from a sincere desire to understand, to share, to help, or simply to appreciate.” Judi Bromwell

The Delphi technique is a consensus-making group process conducted by email or a combination of in-person groups and email.

Questions are asked and replies summarized in three to four repetitive roundsĀ and sent back to participants for review each cycle. With each cycle participants further examine, better understand and expand onĀ  information from the previous round. As overall understanding is broadened, consensus increases from round to round.

The Delphi is an excellent tool for planning, prioritizing and visioning with a group of experts. It’s many advantages include:

  • Allows input from people who are geographically dispersed.
  • Guarantees anonymity of comments within and outside of the process.
  • Includes those who otherwise could not participate due to time constraints and busy schedules.
  • Allows for equal representation from all involved constituencies.
  • Affords time to reflect on the information, change opinions, and construct thoughtful responses.

I can help you design and implement a Delphi that taps into the brightest minds within your organization or professional group . . . one that makes everyone feel listened to and part of the consensus building process.